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    Tag and Label Manufacturing

    The modern world is full of labels. Brand names, repeated logos, and printed tags constantly pass by. Most are for everyone to see, while others are intended only for a small, specialized group of people for a certain job. A program set up in a neighborhood for a construction job is just one example among many.

    Labels have to stand out and be readily identifiable by their users, because there are so many labels and markers competing for attention. ATL-East is a tag and label manufacturer that has the latest materials, features, and products for your new custom printed tag or label program. We are here to supply labels that stand out, including multi part tags and labels, and unique die cut tags.

    Labeling is a form of local branding. A recognizable set of printed tags helps a group of local users organize their activities. Multi-part printed tags and labels are a specialty of ATL-East. Along with a logo and company name, multi-part printed tags can come with digital identification programs, lamination or other waterproofing materials, and specialized inks for biometric or other modes of identity verification.

    A tag and label manufacturer can provide the most current inks, materials, and custom services for any type of labeling job, including unique die cut tags. ATL-East can take any 2d design and create a custom run of unique die-cut tags based on your design. Other services include: punching, perforating, consecutive numbering, bar coding, gluing, rolling, fan folding, and sheeting. All of these complex operations can now be performed in one in-line automated operation, allowing large runs of custom labels, at efficient and cost effective rates.

    Additional features, like NCR duplicates, one-time carbons and other transfer methods are also available, with a wide assortment of fastening options, like wires, strings, deadlocks, and cable ties of various sizes, with tag guns and needles.  
    ATL-East is a tag and label manufacturer prepared to meet your demand for printed tags, with any specialized requirements.



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