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ATL-East Tag & Label: Custom Label Manufacturer

Tags and labels are used in a variety of applications; therefore, there are a variety of different materials and features important to a tag or label’s design. ATL-East Tag & Label works with customers to customize the perfect tag or label to fit their specifications.

Custom Tags and Labels
Whether tagging or labeling something for safety or sale, ATL-East can help. ATL-East can customize single or multi-part printed tags and labels or blank tags and labels in singles, sheets, rolls or fanfolded. Choose from six colors, front and/or back printing, line copy, solid tint, numbered, bar-coded, and more. If there’s a special shape you need, choose from a unique die cut label or tag in a circle, square, triangle, etc. Manila tags, cloth and vinyl tags, polyester labels, and laminated labels in UV clear-coated combinations are all available through ATL-East. ATL-East also provides self-laminants to protect your tag or label from UV, moisture, and abrasion.

If you need attachments or fasteners for your customized piece, ATL carries a variety of wires, deadlocks, strings, ties, and needles to fit any fastening need. With such a large inventory of paper materials, tear proof films, waterproof films, thermal materials, and other specialized materials for tags and labels, you can be sure there is something to fit your needs.

ATL-East Capabilities and Services
Whether you need a simple label  or a large tag of up to 15” with six parts and made of two different materials, ATL-East can promptly fulfill your order. All printing, reinforcing in fiber or metal, die-cutting, perforating, numbering, gluing, rolling, fanfolding, and sheeting can be done in-line in a single pass.

ATL-East Tag & Label can also distribute the finished product to multiple destinations, copy type set and art from a disk or hard copy originals, follow customer packaging specifications, and copy labels to tags and forms.



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